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 Reveries by the fireplace for winter bridging

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Hi first,
I've found more often here, when I'm absolutely no progress with my CB-1 and now I would like to eliminate a few quirks of my chic Blue NC27 as part of the winter restoration.
Basically, I have already made some experience with the crafting of motorcycles and so I am no absolute Schrauberlaie more. I'm riding a motorcycle since I could reach the ground with my feet from the PW50 and I have to say: The CB-1 is really HAMMERGEIL, if there were not a few points:

1. The front brake:
Yes, it brakes, pressure point is present, coverings are new, installed Stahlflex, pistons cleaned and new O-rings purely ringed and I must say for road use quite sufficient. However, I would like to take her to the Nordschleife and she does not really give me that. Therefore, I have forged the following plan:

Option # 1:
Replace the standard dip tubes with dip tubes of a VTR 1000 (SC36), use brake calipers of a CBR 900RR (SC28) and put into service with the rim of a CBR 400 baby blade and the brake discs of a 600 Hornet.

Option no.2:
If I recall correctly, the Cagiva Mito 125cc has a brake system with a solid caliper and not such a floating botch ... Could I replace the standard brake system with the Mito? Milling an adapter piece should not be a problem. Both machines and know-how are available.

2. The footpegs:
I am 1.78m tall and weigh about 71 kg. In addition, I have already suffered serious knee injuries when riding a motorcycle. With more or less long exits, my knees always start to ache because I have to lean over the standing legs so far.
My idea: Lay the footpegs to the back. By eye (yes I know) could evt. The footpegs of the Babyblade continue to reach backwards. Would that bring something to do it? Has anyone made any experiences?

3rd chassis
At higher speeds, my CB-1 begins to roll in turns. Known that so far only from a VMAX xD.
Have read here that you can install as the Federbei the CBR 900RR (SC28).
Have one in view, so I'll try it out, but there must be something going on in the front ... Which fork oil should I use so that I agree with the SC28 suspension strut, or do I even have to change springs?

Possibly. Has any of you ever done that or knows your way around? Feedback on my planning would be great. Theoretically, all this would have to be taken off the TÜV, or I can, for example. change the strut so too? In an emergency I have a Tüvmann of trust.

So far for now. Hope you can help me.

Kind regards

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