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 Does not start after a long time - typical problems?

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BeitragVerfasst am: 22.06.2018, 08:11    Does not start after a long time - typical problems? Antworten mit ZitatNach oben

Hello everybody,

short introduction: I drove for a long time the very, very big brother of the CB1, the CB 1000 SC 30 (Big One), but had to give it to a serious car accident.

I now have the CB1 of my best friend here, which I (for 4 children and new house) should sell. Of course that would be perfect if she were running - but she does not.

So, state of affairs is the following:

- The motorcycle has not been driven for at least two years
- the electrical system works so far, light / starter / horn - all ok
- the starter turns neatly, but there is no successful ignition.
- with degraded airbox and takeoff pilot I have on every cylinder times an ignition hinbekommen, but no engine running.

So, and apart from the maintenance work on my ex-mills, I do not know much about screws, so I need tips now. Are there standard errors that occur after a long time? Does anyone remember something that I can test without much cost?

Thanks in advance for any help that comes ...

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The only way to get this machine running again is removing, disassembling and cleaning the carburetors. It's typical for engines without fuel injection that the jets of the carburetors clog when not used over a long period of time.
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